Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Declan Quinn
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Declan Quinn is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Medicine. Dr. Quinn did his medical training in Ireland and came to Canada in 1977. He completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been on staff at the College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry since 1980.

He has published numerous papers on ADHD and presented at national and international conferences. He has an extensive clinical practice in ADHD seeing children, adolescents and adults. He also sees a wide range of other psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. He was involved with Canadian colleagues in setting up CADDRA in the development of the CADDRA Canadian guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Canada. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife and 3 children.

He has been involved in research in ADHD since the mid-1980s. His main area of interest is in the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of stimulant medication in children and adolescents with ADHD. He along with colleagues developed the single isomer of methylphenidate (d-Methylphenidate) as a treatment for ADHD.

This is now available in the USA as FocalinER. Focalin ER is the only methylphenidate product in the USA with an indication for the treatment of Adult ADHD. He has been involved in studies involving RitalinLA, Focalin, Concerta, Metadate, Biphentin and Strattera and their effectiveness in ADHD. Dr. Quinn has developed an analog classroom setting in conjunction with Dr. Jim Swanson to assess the effectiveness of stimulant medication in ADHD.

Dr. Derryck H Smith
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Children's and Women's Health Centre of B.C. Professor, University of British Columbia

Dr. Derryck H Smith is the Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychiatrist in Chief at Children's & Women's Health Centre of B.C. He is also a clinical professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He received his MD from the University of Western Ontario in 1974 and then completed specialty training in Psychiatry in 1985. Dr. Smith is an internationally renowned expert in child and adolescent psychiatry.

He has a full time clinical practice, in addition to teaching at the University of British Columbia. He has been accepted as an expert in Psychiatry in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on a number of occasions. He has given numerous lectures and presentations for Continuing Medical Education and a variety of professional and community organizations. He has been a key note speaker at medical conferences on topics including ADHD, adolescent depression and suicide and traumatic brain injury. He has contributed publications to a number if peer reviewed professional journals and authored chapters in several books.

Dr. Smith also sits as a member of a number of committees and boards. He is currently the Chair of the Canadian Association or the Professors of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Director - Childhood Youth Mental Health Services, Vancouver Community Mental Health Services, Provincial Health Services Authority; Member - Medical Services Commission, Province of British Columbia; Medical Director - Mental Health Services, Children's & Woman's Health Centre of B.C. and Associate head for Clinical Affairs Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia. Dr. Smith is a past president if the British Columbia Medical Association and Greater Vancouver Mental Health Society.

Annick Vincent
Universitaire en Sant' Mentale de Quebec

Centre hospitalier Robert-Giffard

Quebec City

Dr. Vincent obtained her medical degree and completed her residency training in psychiatry at Laval University, Quebec city. She also has completed a Master's degree in Neurobiology and went to NIMH (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA) in 1993-1994 (Clinical research in Psychopharmacology).

Her training and her clinical practice helped her to develop a clinical expertise in Mood Disorders and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults. Dr. Vincent is very active in continuous medical education. She is also an associated teacher at Laval University. She has given many talks on ADHD and published articles in various medical and scientific journals. She also is on the CADDRA executive board.

Dr. Vincent is the proud mother of four very active boys (7-11 years of age), one of them having ADHD. She is involved in the teaching to the general public about ADHD (invited speaker, conferences, radio and TV shows). She is the author of a book for children on ADHD: 'Mon cerveau a besoin de lunettes' (Impact!aditions), that has been translated in english: 'My Brain Needs Glasses' (Acadmie Impact) and one for adults 'Mon cerveau a encore besoin de lunettes (Impact!aditions) available in english: 'My Brain Still Needs Glasses' (Acadmie Impact). In 2006, Dr. Vincent produced with her hospital, a dvd on ADHD: Portrait du trouble dficitaire de l'attention avec/sans hyperactivite (available only in French).

Dr. Umesh Jain
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, (CAMH), Toronto

Dr. Umesh Jain is a staff psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Child, Youth and Family Service). He is also the primary investigator on the CIHR grant - Inattention and Working Memory and the adolescent component in the YEARS study, a joint initiate and study on Adolescent ADHD between the Hospital for Sick Children and the CAMH. He attended medical school at Dalhousie University in Halifax and divided his psychiatry, and child psychiatry between Dalhousie and the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his PhD in Toronto in the Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Jain is a nationally recognized scientist in the area of ADHD, impulsivity in children/adolescents and psychopharmacology with 27 peer-reviewed publications and over 200 presentations, papers and posters. Dr. Jain has been involved with the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) as a member of their Scientific Board and Local Chairperson of their meetings in Toronto (1996 and 2005) He has also been involved with the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CACAP) as a member and chair of their scientific program (1996-1999) and on the National Executive since 2003. He began the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA), an affiliation of all Canadian specialists practicing in the ADHD arena. He lives in Toronto with his four children and his wife, a pediatrician.

Dr. Mark Handley-Derry
Developmental Paediatrician

Dr. Mark Handley-Derry is a Developmental Paediatrician with a consulting practice in Toronto. After a first degree in Psychology and Physiology at Oxford University, he studied medicine at University College in London, England. He qualified in Paediatrics in the United Kingdom, before completing his subspecialty training in Developmental Paediatrics at The Children's Hospital in Boston. He held an academic appointment at Queen's University before moving to The Hospital for Sick Children. He is now a part time Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. He is the Medical Consultant to the Geneva Centre and a Board member of the Learning Disabilities Association for Ontario. His interests include Aikido, Scottish Country Dancing and Carpentry.

Dr. H. Anne Richards
Chief of Pediatrics, Scarborough Grace Hospital (1985-1994)
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Richards completed a pediatric specialty training at the Hospital for Sick Children. She then proceeded into consulting pediatrics, based both in a community hospital, and in an office consulting practice. Dr. Richards has a special interest in ADHD with anxiety and ADHD and the gifted learner. She has an academic appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, and previously was engaged in undergraduate teaching through the hospital, whilst now doing office based school problem teaching.

Dr. Joan M. Flood
Family Physician
, Rouge River Hospital (Centenary site), Shoniker Clinic, General Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Flood has been a fellow of the College of Family Physicians (FCFP) since 2005. Since 2004, she has been an active staff member of Rouge River Hospital (Centenary site), Shoniker Clinic, General Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and ADD practice and works full time in child and adolescent psychiatry. She has been a Consultant Physician, Pine River Institute, Shelburne, Ontario – a residential treatment program for teens with substance abuse and co-morbid disorders, since 2008.

Dr. Flood has a strong interest in treatment of child psychiatric issues especially ADHD, Co-morbid disorders and Learning Disabilities, Substance Abuse and regularly attends academic programs such as, Harvard University, AACAP, CADDRA, U of T, etc. Dr. Flood is a member of Child Psycho-pharmacology Conference group and has a mini-fellowship in Child Psychopharmacology through REACH institute, (Dr. Peter Jensen), 2007 & 2009. Dr. Flood is also a frequent speaker at schools and public organizations (LDAO, Integra) on issues relating to child mental health.

Dr. David Teplin
Adult Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David Teplin is an adult clinical psychologist in private practice in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He received his Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his doctoral internship training at Hamilton Health Sciences, and his post-doctoral fellowship training at St. Joseph's Healthcare, both in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Teplin's primary focus is Diagnostic Assessment, Clinical Consultation, Adult ADHD, and Substance Use Disorders.

Dr. Teplin is adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program at Medaille College in Buffalo, New York. He is also on the Editorial Review Boards for the International Journal of Clinical & Health Psychology, the Journal of Addictive Diseases, the Journal of Attention Disorders, the Journal of Opioid Management, and the Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary & Applied. He is on the Professional Advisory Board of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Dr. Teplin was also Past Chair of the Canadian Psychological Association Section on Addiction Psychology.
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