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Your Experiences When Switched to Generic ADHD Medications  

Over the past few years CADDAC has been receiving anecdotal feedback from caregivers, adults with ADHD and physicians indicating a decrease in symptom control and an increase in side effects when switched to the generic version of Concerta. Since our nation-wide survey confirmed this anecdotal feedback CADDAC will be undertaking further advocacy work on this issue. 

If you have experienced any of these issues and are willing to discuss this with us, please contact us at outlining these issues and we will arrange a time for a quick telephone chat. 

Comparing Treatment Results in Adults Switched to Generic ADHD Medication
A recently published study, “A randomized, double-blind, cross-over, phase IV trial of oros-methylphenidate (CONCERTA®) and generic novo-methylphenidate ER-C (NOVO-generic)” confirms concerns expressed to CADDAC over the past number of years by adults with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and physicians treating patients with ADHD who have been switched to a generic medication. The objective of this study was to evaluate adult ADHD subject outcomes when they were switched from a stable dose of CONCERTA® to the same dose of generic Novo-methylphenidate ER-C®. Access detailed information HERE

BC Pharmacare Therapeutic Review Accepting Patient Submissions
Download printable document

BC PharmaCare is conducting a Therapeutic Review into the coverage of medications used in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). BC Patients, caregivers and patient groups will have the opportunity to provide input as part of the process, between May 4th and June 1st, 2016 AT MIDNIGHT.

At this time in BC, Ritalin and Dexedrine – both short-acting medications – are the only fully covered treatment options. Concerta, a long-acting medication, is available but it is restricted to Special Authority requests.
That is why this Therapeutic Review is so important for patients, their caregivers and their loved ones.

How to Participate
Interested parties that meet the eligibility requirements, see below, can provide their input by visiting the Ministry of Health website and following the directions. You will be asked to give your perspective on how ADHD affects your life and the impact and benefits of the ADHD medication that you are currently taking, or have taken. Patient, caregiver and patient group eligibility requirements can be found HERE.

BC Physicians: Collective Letter to Minister Lake
Download Collective Letter

Medication treatment for ADHD is not a “one size fits all” scenario and individuals with ADHD have unique responses to different medications. It is essential that physicians can individualize treatment and prescribe as wide a group of medications as possible.

The Ministry of Health is currently conducting a review of ADHD treatment therapies. There are many clinical treatment factors to consider when making a balanced patient-centered decision about coverage. As experts and front line workers in the field BC physicians and mental health professionals believe that they should be a part of the conversation. They are requesting that a meeting be held with Minister Lake as soon as possible to discuss how experienced ADHD medical professionals will be an integral part in this review process.

If you are a medical professional in BC, we ask that you read the online collective letter to Minister Lake and, if you agree, sign the letter online by May 12th:

CADDAC ADHD Parent Readiness Education Program

ADHD PREP is a comprehensive 12-hour, 2 day, program geared to parents of newly diagnosed children and adolescents with ADHD, and parents wishing to upgrade their knowledge on the more complex aspects of ADHD including ADHD and learning, executive functioning and self and mood regulation. Treatment options, parenting strategies and school advocacy will also be covered. 

The program will occur over a two-day weekend allowing parents from outside the local area to drive in for the weekend. Pricing includes workshop materials and light refreshments each morning and afternoon.
A variety of lunch options are 5 minutes away. 

When: Saturday May 28th – Sunday May 29th, 2016, 9AM – 4PM each day

Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Center, 6 Garamond Court (Wynford and DVP) Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5

Cost: $160 per person /$300 per couple (CADDAC members receive a 10% discount)

Register and Access the Flyer and Agenda HERE

CADDAC's 2015 Accomplishments

CADDAC's past year proved very successful.The highlights being; extensive advocacy work in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba; this years conference held in Ontario; the launch of our PREP two day parenting program; additional full day workshops including one on adult ADHD and one on school advocacy; the launch of our policy paper on ADHD in the post-secondary environment highlighting ADHD Awareness Month; development of a platform to network all Canadian ADHD local organizations.
To view detailed documentation access CADDAC's 2015 Accomplishments 

Up-date From Health Canada on Generic Medications

At the beginning of March CADDAC received a reply letter from Health Canada.View this letter Here.The letter reiterated what we have been told previously.Health Canada requires official reporting of a decrease in effectiveness of a generic when compared to the brand medication to scientifically validate this information. Health Canada states,"Consumers are encouraged to complete reports in conjunction with their health professional, so that additional information about their medical history can be included in order to make the reports more detailed and scientifically valid."

If you have had an issue with an ADHD or other mental health generic medication not being as effective or lasting as long as the brand name, we strongly encourage you to access our Adverse Reaction Form and Guide to assist you with submitting an online report. Also please encourage your physician to do so as well. If this reporting does not occur issues with generic medication substitution proving inferior will not be solved.

Ontario now requires that a trial on a generic or two generics, if two are available, with an adverse event (AE) report completed for each before a pharmacist will honor a "do not substitute" request from a physician for any  medication supplied by the OPDP (Ontario Public Drug Program).The physician will need to supply the patient with copies of both AE reports with the prescription in order to get full coverage of the brand medication. You can access complete details Here.

Please note: This only applies if the government pays the full price for the brand name medication. If the patient has a patient benefit card, which can be accessed through Innovicares and Rxhelp
the price of a brand product is covered and trials on generic medications are not required. For more information please access Innovicares Here ( for Concerta and Rxhelp Here ( for Strattera.

ADHD in Girls, CBC The Current Interview

This interview features Anna, a every insightful 17 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 15, and Katherine Ellis, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who was diagnosed at 48 and has since then authored three books on ADHD, talking about their experiences. In addition, Dr. Doron Almagor, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and chair of CADDRA, shares his extensive medical knowledge on the subject of ADHD in girls. Access the interview Here.     

2015 Survey on Experiences with Mental Health Medication/Generic Substitution

Over the past few years CADDAC has been receiving anecdotal evidence from caregivers, patients and treating physicians, indicating a decrease in the degree and length of symptom control and an increase in side effects when patients were switched from particular brand-name to generic medications. CADDAC joined in discussion with other organizations supporting those with mental health conditions to find a way to gain more insight into this potential issue. You can access the full statement outlining the organizations' understanding, agreement and goals for the survey Here

As a result a nation-wide survey was launched requesting feedback from individuals, caregivers and healthcare providers on existing knowledge and experience with brand name and generic medications.  

The survey findings have been analyzed and summarized. Here are the findings pertinent to ADHD medications and two additional medications that might be used by some of you for co-occurring conditions.

On December the 14th CADDAC sent a letter to Barbara Sabourin, the Director General of the Therapeutics Product Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada summarizing the findings of a recent joint survey  on mental health medications, and in particular issues that have been reported with generic medications. You can access the complete letter Here

Up-Coming Workshop Understanding Your Adult ADHD

Space is Limited, so register now before spots are taken.

Access Full details and Register HERE 

Please share this Flyer with your family, friends, colleagues and patients.

February 28, 2016, 9 am to 1:30 pm, registration opens at 8:30

Japanese Canadian Cultural Center, 6 Garamond Court (Wynford and DVP), Toronto ON, M3C 1Z5

What: This informative and interactive workshop will be a mix of short presentations, discussion and sharing. The focus will be on understanding your individual ADHD and discovering how your symptoms may lead to impairments in the home, workplace and in relationships. A good portion of the day will be spent looking at useful strategies, tools and accommodations that may be helpful. The day will end with an open discussion on common roadblocks, frustrations, as well as successes.

$30 each or $50 for two. 

Significant others and family members will also find this workshop helpful. A coinciding end of day discussion will be taking place for these attendees.

Congratulations to Rick Green, Writer, Director, Producer and Founder of for Receiving The Order of Ontario

Congratulations to Rick Green, Writer, Director, Producer and Founder of for Receiving The Order of Ontario

Rick Green, who we all know and love, will be receiving the Order of Ontario on Wednesday January the 20th. The order of Canada is the province's highest official honour. It recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence and achievement benefiting the people of Ontario or anywhere in the world.

A gifted writer, director, producer and performer, and producer of the ground-breaking documentary ADD & Loving It?!, Rick has also become a mentor and Inspiration to millions of people living with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Canada, and around the world. Like many adults, Rick was unaware of his ADHD until he was diagnosed at 47. Driven by his own experiences, and struggles with this hidden saboteur, he committed himself to addressing the stigma surrounding ADHD through education, understanding, and laughter.

The 2016 Investiture Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, January 20th with the presentation of the Order of Ontario at 4:00 p.m. This ceremony is available through LiveStream:

Doctors Challenge BC Government to take Action on ADHD

December 08 2015 Media Release

BC Physician Advocacy Campaign

Since British Columbia is behind other provinces in providing a full range of medication treatment options for ADHD CADDAC, CADDRA and BC physicians have begun an advocacy campaign to let the BC government know that the current situation is seriously limiting treatment options for those accessing BC Pharmacare. Currently Ritalin and Dexadrine are the only medications for the treatment of individuals with ADHD fully covered by BC Pharmacare. Concerta is the only long-acting medication and it is restricted to Special Authority Request (only for the paediatric population after failing on Ritalin and Dexedrine).

Physicians with an interest in the treatment of ADHD are being asked to  write letters expressing their concern. Please access BC Pharmacare Medication Coverage for more detailed information on the current situation, a copy of the latest letter sent to Minister Lake, and the BC Letter Writing Guide to assist physicians in writing and sending a letter to the BC government.       

ADHD in the Huffington Post - ADHD Stigma is so Prevalent Parents are Delaying Diagnosis

Check out this article by Patricia Tomasi published in the Huffington Post October 27th.

ADHD Awareness: Be Aware. Be an Ally! Community Information Expo

On November the 4th at 6pm at Sir John A Macdonald Public School, 777 Balaton Avenue, Pickering Ontario, a Community ADHD Expo will be taking place. The guest presenter will be Dr. Larry Danilewitz a Durham District School Board psychologist. Community resource booths and a parent panel will also take place. To register and for more information contact

Dispelling the Myths and Misinformation About ADHD at the Shoniker Clinic

On October the 28th Dr. Shirish Patel and Dr. Rubin Gararin will be presenting a session on ADHD in the
Dr. Buce Johnson Conference room for the general public and medical professionals. There will be two sessions, 10 to 10:30 and 1 to 1:30. Refreshments will be served. No registration required.

CJOB Winnipeg ADHD Awareness Interview

On October the 22nd at 11:30 am Winnipeg time Heidi Bernhardt spoke with Geoff Currier of CJOB about ADHD myths and truths. To listen access On Demand The audio date is October the 22nd and the time is 11am. You will need to listen to the first half hour before the interview comes up. 

Kingston's ADHD Parent Support Group Hosts
"Give Your Children The Wings To Live A Successful Life With ADHD" 

The featured presenter Heidi Bernhardt will be presenting on ADHD and Learning, ADHD and Emotional Regulation and ADHD and School Advocacy.
Access details Here 

Calgary QR77 Interview
Heidi Bernhardt was interviewed by Daniele Smith on October the 15th at appoximately 1:45. Listen to the interview Here

Edmonton Lights the Bridge for ADHD Awareness Week

Heidi Bernhardt was interviewed by Daniele Smith on October the 15th at appoximately 1:45. On October the 14th the city of Edmonton will be lighting their high level bridge green and purple to celebrate ADHD Awareness Week, due to the work of The ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton. More information Here 

Nova Scotia Proclaims October ADHD Awareness Month
The ADHD Nova Scotia Action Group succeeds in having ADHD Awareness Month declard. View Here

ADHD Awareness Month in 1 Minute by Rick Green of TotallyADD

View this quick, humourous but very informative overview of ADHD Here

British Columbia Proclaims October ADHD Awareness Month

For the second year in a row British Columbia has officially declared October ADHD Awareness Month. View the official proclamation Here

Ontario Launch of ADHD Awareness Month at Queen's Park

View MPP Soo Wong reading a member's statement launching ADHD Awareness Month in Ontario. See it on (first few minutes of this video)

CADDAC on CBC's The Current

In a fitting launch to awareness month, The Current sat down with CADDAC to discuss the barriers experienced by postsecondary students with ADHD. Check out the episode Here!

2015 ADHD Awareness Campaign

Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment

News Release
All documents can be accessed here or through individual links below  

This year our ADHD Awareness Campaign is focusing on the issue of students with ADHD receiving appropriate academic accommodations while accessing post-secondary education. This is the topic addressed in a paper authored and recently published by the “Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC)”. The paper, titled: “Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment” and the media release, highlights the inequity in access to post-secondary education accommodations due to a lack of national or provincial standards backed by medical research.

This is causing significant inconsistencies in the medical documentation required of students with ADHD by post-secondary schools resulting in discriminatory practices potentially leaving colleges and universities open to legal challenge.

CADDAC does agree that detailed medical reporting, by an ADHD medical expert, should be required to meet Canadian government requirements. Reports should provide post-secondary institutions with the necessary information required to understand the student’s unique impairments and needs for specific accommodations. To assist with this CADDAC has also produced a resource for physicians and psychologists to assist them in developing a detailed report that would meet government requirements and provide the necessary information for post-secondary institutions.

For additional information (Billingual) on ADHD Awareness Month, Events across Canada, Posters, Videos, Coalition Members, ADHD information and How to become involved 


Rick Green's ADHD Message 


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