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Adult ADHD Study

Are you 18 years or older and diagnosed with ADHD?

Are you interested in participating in worthwhile research o
n adult ADHD?

Then you are invited to participate in an online research project!

The study’s main goal is to broaden people’s understanding of what it is like to live with ADHD not just in adulthood but throughout the lifespan. More importantly, the information obtained from this study is hoped to be used to provide direction and support for further resources in the community for people over the age of 18 with this diagnosis. Once the data has been collected and the outcomes have been assessed, the information will be shared with CADDAC to post for those that may be interested in this information. This online study was created late last year in Australia and after discussion with the researcher’s university was expanded to allow people outside of the country to participate.
On average, the online study takes people anywhere from 45-60 minutes to complete, however, the questionnaire does not time-out for three hours allowing enough time for breaks as needed. There is a progress bar at the top of the screen that informs the participants of how much of the online survey they have completed.At the end of the survey, you will find an open ended question that allows participants to write anything they would like; responses typically range from input about personal experiences to feedback on the survey to suggestions for future resources for those with ADHD in the community.

To access the study:

The Representation of ADHD by the Media

Dr. Goodman explains the agenda of journalists withn regard to ADHD and the accuracy of their claims in a presentation sponsored by the National Resource Centre on ADHD. Please read, share, and comment on Heidi bernhardt's summary in our blog post.Here 


An interesting article called “The Smart Pill Oversell” was just published in the latest issue of the online publication Nature International Weekly Journal of Science. Unlike much of what has come out in lately in the media, this article is more balanced; offering a variety of opinions and some interesting points of discussion. 
Please read, share, and comment on our blog post HERE.


Maclean's magazine asks the question,in the title of their article, "Is ADHD a mental health crisis, or a cultural one?"

"ADHD is neither a mental health crisis nor a cultural one," states our President and Executive Director, Heidi Bernhardt. "It is a mental health condition that needs to be taken serioulsy as a medical issue, and not used to sell newspapers and books." Please read, share and comment on our blog post HERE.

Maclean’s Magazine asks the question, in the title of their article, "Is ADHD a mental health crisis, or a cultural one?"


CADDAC National Director, Heidi Bernhardt, writes yet another rebuttal piece posted to our blog in response to media sensationalism and stigma being perpetuated in the piece "ADHD Does Not Exist" in the New York Post. Please read, share, and comment on our blog post HERE.

Shire Canada ADHD Scholarship Program - Deadline Coming Up!

Deadline for Applications is April 15, 2014

Shire Canada will award up to FIVE scholarships to residents of:

  • Alberta,
  • Manitoba,
  • Nova Scotia,
  • Ontario, or
  • Québec
who have been accepted to or are enrolled in a program at a Canadian accredited two- or four-year college, university, trade school, technical school, or vocational school located in the afore-mentioned provinces for the academic school year 2014-2015.

The recipients must be diagnosed with ADHD and under the care of a licensed health care professional for their ADHD, but do not have to be receiving medication treatment in order to be eligible.

Each scholarship recipient will receive an award of $1,500 and one year’s worth of ADHD coaching services from the EDGE Foundation. Winners will be notified on May 25, 2014.

To apply, please visit their website at: http://www.shireadhdscholarship.com/CA-EN/default.aspx and either apply online or print and apply via form, which must be sent in.

CADDAC Responds to CBC's Q with Jian Ghomeshi: Are We Overdiagnosing ADHD?

CADDAC National Director, Heidi Bernhardt, writes a rebuttal piece posted to our blog in response to media sensationalism and misinformation surrounding ADHD during the CBC's piece: "Are We Overdiagnosing ADHD?" with Jian Ghomeshi. Please read, share, and comment on our blog post HERE.

2013 CADDAC Accomplishments

We've been very busy this year and would like to share our accomplishments with you. Feel free to forward this link to others who may have an interest in ADHD. We encourage you to support more great work in 2014 by joining the CADDAC family of members. To register as a member or to renew your membership online click here.

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