ADHD Advocacy and Your Role
ADHD Advocacy

One of our primary goals is advocating for individuals with ADHD. However doing so on an individual basis across Canada is not only impossible, but unproductive when looking at the bigger picture. "How can this be?" you might ask. Helping an individual child obtain the accommodations they require in the school system in order to be successful, or helping an adult on benefits obtain the appropriate medication should be considered the ultimate goal - we agree. However, accomplishing this as the system stands is often time consuming and ultimately impossible. For this reason, we believe that CADDAC can be most effective in providing information on individual advocacy, while systemically advocating for change on ADHD issues at the same time.

What is Systemic Advocacy?
  • Advocating to effect change on a broad level
  • Advocating for change in the system
  • Advocating for a cause
  • Advocating as a united voice
Why do we need to Advocate for ADHD?
  • ADHD outside of the medical arena is not viewed as a legitimate disability
  • Up-to-date scientific information is not readily available
  • Misconceptions are readily available
  • The health and education systems have not kept pace with science
  • The need for a unified voice, advocating for ADHD
What do we need to Advocate for?
  • The understanding of ADHD as a neurobiological disorder
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of ADHD in the medical and educational communities
  • Increased awareness and understanding by the public
  • A decrease in stigma
  • The identification of students with ADHD as special needs students
  • The recognition of a successful outcome if appropriate resources and supports are supplied
  • The networking between the disciplines of medicine and education for students
  • Equal access too appropriate medication
  • The Provincial Ministries of Education, Health and Community working together to solve problems, create resources and provide support
  • Networking between all stakeholders

Your Role

Without the voice of those people interested in ADHD, CADDAC alone cannot hope to effect change! CADDAC needs families and individuals with an interest in ADHD to speak up in order to be heard. We cannot do it without your help! For more information on this topic and to learn how you can be an effective advocate please access our Advocacy Toolkit.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in these issues, we strongly encourage you to write a letter to your MP, MPP, MNA or MLA, as well as your Minister in the area of Health, Education, Child and Youth, Social Services, Justice, or any other ministries that you feel should be informed about ADHD. Let them know why you are interested and why they should be interested. When meeting with government representatives, we are frequently told that they do not hear from their constituents on this topic; and they are, therefore, not overly interested in becoming involved. Governments estimate that every letter they receive on a topic represents an additional 50 to 60 people also concerned about that topic whom have not written a letter; so please know that your one letter is of great value. Or you can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

You can access helpful instructions and our template letters, as well as information on how to find your legislative representative's contact information. In addition, we would ask that you forward your letter to CADDAC.
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