Template Letters

Writing a letter to your MP, MPP, MLA or MNA expressing your interest in ADHD, your concerns, and your request that they become educated and involved in a provincial or national dialogue on the topic is hugely helpful in our advocacy efforts. When meeting with government representatives we are frequently told that they do not hear from their constituents on this topic and are therefore not overly interested in becoming involved. Governments estimate that every letter they receive on a topic represents an additional 50 to 60 people also concerned about the topic that have not bothered to write a letter, so please know that your one letter is of great value. CADDAC needs families and individuals with an interest in ADHD to speak up in order to be heard. We cannot do it without your help!

To write a letter to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), or your Member of the National Assembly (MNA), feel free to use one of the templates listed on our Awareness Week website (link below) to get you started. Please remember that these are only templates. The more information that you can include about your own situation and feelings the more impact your letter will have. The important overriding message is that ADHD is a significant disorder that greatly impacts individuals and their families.

* An additional important message is that ADHD also increases costs to our Canadian society and economy. Access "Paying Attention to the Cost of ADHD, the price paid by Canadian Families, Governments and Society" for more information on this topic.

Sample letters and lists of contact information can be found on the Awareness Week website.

Contact information can also be found on the CADDAC website, accessable here.

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