2016 ADHD Webinar Series

2016 Webinar Recordings

ADHD and the Impact on Learning
While ADHD is not a learning disability it can significantly impact a student's ability ot learn and impair academic achievement. On average, children with ADHD have problems completing assignments, receive lower grades in academic subjects, and score lower on standardized tests. Over half of children with ADHD who are taught in general classrooms fail at least one grade by adolescence and over 1/3 will not finish high school. This 1 hour webinar is designed to help parents understand the impact ADHD has on learning and discuss the key to assisting their child find success at school.
: $10 (free for members)
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ADHD and Executive Functioning
ADHD is often accompanied by impairment or weakness in Executive Functioning. Executive functions are the mental processes that enable us to plan ahead, evaluate the past, start and finish a task and manage our time. They can affect what we do in the present and also how we plan and organize for the future.  As we grow older, executive functioning skills become more crucial. Join us for this 1 hour webinar and learn how EF impairment impacts functioning at home and in the school setting.
Cost: $10 (free for members)
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ADHD and School Advocacy Part 1
Understanding your Province’s Special Education system and how ADHD is recognized within this system is paramount when advocating for your child. This presentation will cover differences in Special Education systems across the provinces and the pros and cons with various systems and how this impacts a student's rights. The fear of labelling will be covered as well as what the general goals should be when working with a school and advocating for your child.
Cost: $10 (free for members)
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ADHD and School Advocacy Part 2
This presentation will focus on the exceptionality special education system in Ontario. Categories of exceptionality include the recent Ministry of Education Memorandum, understanding and navigating the IPRC process, and how to use third party reports to your benefit. 
Cost: $10 (free for members)
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ADHD and School Advocacy Part 3
This presentation will focus on how to become a proactive advocate for your child on the school system.  Developing a good IEP is an essential part of advocating for your child in the school system. Tips on how to accomplish this will be discussed. A students' rights around full day school attendance, suspensions and field trips will also be covered.
Cost: $10 (free for members)
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Adult ADHD Coaching Webinar Presented by John Tucker - An ADHD Coach and speaker specializing in advocacy and support for adults and adolescents struggling with ADHD related issues.

Understanding how to form a team to help you with ADHD challenges is important for you to succeed in work, school, planning, and relationships of all kinds. This presentation will explore the benefits of ADHD coaching and show you how to overcome ADHD challenges and live the life you've always wanted.
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