The Individual Education Plan (IEP)

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The Human Rights commission now recognizes an IEP (term used in Ontario, other province names vary) as a legal working document. Accommodations and modifications listed in the IEP are legal rights of the child.
The IEP must consider recommendations made by the IPRC.
  • The IEP should include: educational expectations, programs and services to be provided, who is responsible for the delivery, methods for reviewing progress, the student's strengths and needs, interventions, accommodations and modifications.
  • It is important that the parent makes sure that the IEP reflects their child's strengths and needs accurately and contains the programming strategies that that student requires to be successful.
  • It should include strategies to help the child cope as well strategies that compensate for the child's areas of need.
The IEP is a flexible, working document, which should be adjusted with each reporting period.

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