Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Heidi Bernhardt
President & Executive Director
Heidi is the mother of three young men with ADHD. She has a background in psychiatric nursing, was the Executive Director of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA), a national not-for-profit organization of the leading clinicians and researchers in ADHD in Canada and a founder of CADDAC. Heidi is presently the President and Executive Director of the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC). In the past 18 years Heidi has helped educate parents, educators, medical professionals, industry, the public and government about ADHD through her presentations, conferences, advocacy work and media interviews.

Katherine Curry
Katherine is the mother of a son who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at an early age. As a result, Katherine's time over recent years has been spent researching ADHD and ODD and successfully advocating for her son's needs with both the Catholic and public school boards. She has provided advice in this regard to numerous parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and who have encountered issues within the school system. In addition, Katherine has been practicing law for 17 years, currently as Senior Vice President, General Counsel for Productivity Media Inc. Katherine brings to CADDAC a wealth of advocacy experience and legal expertise, and her primary focus is on addressing the educational and social needs of children with ADHD.

Ally Ladak
Vice Chair

Ally Ladak was recently appointed for a third consecutive term to serve on the selection committee, 2013 academic adjudicator, Valedictorian, science fair judge, and international professionals mentor.

He has a particular interest in the following areas: health care; hospital care; mental health; Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of stimulant medication in children and adolescents with ADHD; education; ADHD research; community-building, housing, poverty, and environmental issues; as well as the services and issues surrounding the disadvantaged. He has donated over 15 years of his time and experience, including current affiliations with Green Living Show, Jane's Walk, Toronto Community foundation, Luminato, 2012 Ontario summer games, Playing for Keeps Ambassador, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Social Services Net, and The Arts and Culture Committee. Ally's interests include technology for children with learning disabilities, education-related legislation, and children's mental health.

Ally is passionate about de-stigmatizing and removing myths surrounding ADHD. Interests include educating teachers on new approaches to teaching children with ADHD/ADD. In his role as National Vice Chair of the CADDAC Board and Education Committee, Ally's goals are to promote awareness and provide support to others navigating the everyday challenges of ADHD, as well as address the importance of understanding individual behaviours, temperaments, and the learning styles of each ADHD student.

Cheryl Paige
Cheryl is p
ersonally and professionally familiar with ADHD and the effects it has on children's and adolescent's achievement and success in school and life. Cheryl has a Masters of Education in Special Education (U of T) and is currently a Principal in Toronto District School Board. Cheryl has been a Special Education consultant, has chaired IPRC's and has been an advocate for children and adolescence ADHD through presentations to principals, teachers and parents amount managing children with this disability. Cheryl also has an interest in integrating technology to support achievement and her school has won national awards in this area.

Board of Directors

Karen MacMillan
Karen has a PhD in Counselling Psychology and has been a Registered Psychologist in Alberta for 12 years. Her focus has been with children and adolescents, as well as their families.She is a sessional instructor at both Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary. At Foothills Academy Society she is the Director in charge of Community Services.Their focus is on serving young people with LD and/or ADHD by providing a wide range of direct services (psycho-educational assessments, camps, counselling, tutoring, etc...), as well as educating families and relevant professionals.

Merle Langbord Levine
For the past 40 years Merle has taught both in the public and private sectors in the field of special education. Merle has been recognized by both professionals and parents as being very much interested and knowledgeable in helping to recognize students with ADHD and ADD and to help them meet with success in school. Long before ADD and ADHD were accepted by pediatricians and educators, Merle made his voice known and was considered a 'maverick' in his interest and ability to stand up for these children. Merle had the great privilege to study and work in conjunction with the early developers in this field such as Dr. Marcel Kinsbourne and Jim Swanson, PH.D in the 1970's whilst they did many of the early studies in the field of ADHD and ADD at the Hospital for Sick Children. Merle's Master of Education Thesis completed in 1992 was entitled, The Affect of ADHD on the Mother. It had a most favourable response. Merle continues to educate and participate wherever he can to help parents and professionals in all related fields to recognize the necessity to treat ADHD/ADD using  both an holistic and remedial approach in teaching these students.

Sheila Dunthorne
Sheila is the mother of a son who was diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety Disorder which as a result of her son's diagnosis, she was tested and diagnosed with Adult ADHD.From her eagerness to find help for her son and herself she proceeded to research and read everything she could on ADHD to help her son and herselflive a more productive and successful life.Sheila works at Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba, Brandon and District Chapter and is also a member of the Board. She is currently a student taking courses to become an ADHD Coach to now follow her life's passion to help others to learn about ADHD and how it works in them.

Laura Grice
Laura is a registered nurse who began her career working in various hospitals across Canada. She then moved into clinical research, where she works with pharmaceutical companies at research organizations. Laura is now the Director of Business Development where she secures research contracts between pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. Laura became involved with CADDAC because her son struggles with the challenges associated with ADHD. She is surrounded with ADHD on a daily basis and would like to offer support, leadership, and advocacy to parents in similar situations. Laura hopes to reduce the social stigma by raising awareness of ADHD
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